Hello.  We are interested in payments innovation.  We love to talk about new business concepts and how payments are embedded within your technology.  We take a new perspective in the payments industry.  We think about the user experience and how seamless payments can really be.  We believe in growing commerce and removing friction for our clients.  

Our background comes from a non payments perspective.  Each business has industry specific software that is used to run the business.  When you take your dog to the vet, there is software that manages the appointments, billing and payroll.  Yet for some reason, many vets still have a credit card machine on the counter.  So the office manager needs to input a payment method into the software and then run a credit card through a separate machines.  Why is this so cumbersome?  Same experience exists when you go see your mechanic, dentist, doggy daycare, college bursars' office.  There should be a better experience for the business and for the consumer.  That is how we became fascinated with the payments world. Being inquisitive, we decided to peel back the onion and get a better understanding of the payments universe and how it all works.  WOW!  We've learned a ton!  Now, we would love to work with you to help you better understand payments and how software and payments can be brought together by technology.  

What's our name all about?  Well....you know it's kind of a throwback to the backbone of the payments infrastructure.  With so many innovative companies making payments seamless and easier than ever to accept, we thought we would pay homage to the message format that the payments infrastructure is built upon.  

Check out the wikipedia page on the ISO8583 message format