Overstock.com and Klarna Checkout Experience

So, I've been looking for a gooseneck lamp to shine light in my closet and a power strip. With
the time change, it's dark earlier and I have trouble finding things in my closet. (Remember, I'm
a Zappos fan and my closet is not empty)  Anyway, I go on to Overstock.com to look for a lamp.
First I look for a power strip, find one, put it in my cart and prepare to check out as a guest. I have
a meeting soon, so I decide to come back later for the lamp. 

The checkout process is clear and easy. Easy to read, I don't have to magnify anything. This is an interesting option that I haven’t seen before. "Click Place Order and you will have 14 days to pay once your order has shipped.” 

I was curious to see what those terms are, so I clicked on "terms".  I was taken to the terms, which was great; they even have a reader version.  Since I was given the option to pay in 14 days after my order is shipped, I decided to wait to pay. What a great option when shopping for Christmas presents. A lot of people are paid every two weeks. This is similar to lay-a-way. Overstock has such a varied inventory; it would be a great place to do all of your gift shopping.

After my meeting, I went back to my phone to order the gooseneck lamp for my closet. This time when
I was ready to check out, I barely had to do anything!  My email address and zip code is all I needed.  So crazy easy! I couldn’t believe how fast and efficient that check-out was.  When I checked my emails, I had received automatic confirmations as well.  I highly recommend!

UPDATE:  I received an email from Klarna thanking me for buying at Overstock and telling me when my payment is due.  They provided a link that says "Pay Balance Due: $25.94"
I clicked on the link and was given the option to pay by card.  The card info was **** starred out with only the last 4 digits showing.  I clicked on the card icon to pay and was told I would be sent a text message with a verification code to enter to complete my payment.  I did not have to re-enter my card info, only the verification code. So simple! So easy! Thanks Klarna and Overstock!