Apple Pay Setup on New iPhone 6s+

My iPhone 5 has a cracked screen and by today’s standards it’s out of date.  I went to the mall to the Apple Store.  I made an appointment online because I had heard that’s quicker than going in the store and making an appointment.  The less people and steps I have to go through, the better!

The very friendly salesman asked what I wanted and took my personal info. He asked about my carrier, which is AT&T.  Using his handheld device he was able to interface with AT&T to get my account and new phone linked up.  He also used this handheld device to accept my payment.  If you decide to pay monthly, he can use his handheld device to initiate a credit report. He is the only person I had to deal with in the store throughout the entire process.  His handheld device is the concierge to my new phone! He even activated my new phone while it was in the box. All I had to do was wait for my apps to load!

What is Apple Pay you may wonder?  This is how Apple explains it:

"Paying in stores or within apps has never been easier or safer. Gone are the days of searching for your wallet. The wasted moments finding the right card. Now you can use your credit cards, store credit cards, and rewards cards with just a touch.

Apple Pay is simple to use and works with the cards you already have on the devices you use every day. And because your card details are never shared when you use Apple Pay — in fact, they aren’t stored on your device at all — using Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad is the safer and more private way to pay. For more info, visit the Apple Store "  

I was very excited to set up Apple Pay in my new iPhone 6+.  My MasterCard credit card info was already in there since I use it at the iTunes store. I did have to enter my security code from the card to verify.  Next, I wanted to add my personal debit card. The app asked me to position the card in the scanner, and then manually add the expiration date and security code. This was super easy.  I was directed to call Fifth Third Bank with the number provided in order to confirm.  Next, I added my personal 5/3 Master Card Credit card. I again was directed to call 5/3 bank to confirm.  I have to admit, I was on hold for quite a few minutes….  Next I added my business American Express Card. At my initial attempt, I had to cancel because my business email address had changed.  I went to the American Express website to change my email address then went back to adding the card to Apple Pay. When Apple Pay connected to American Express, American Express automatically recognized my phone number so all I had to enter was the last 4 digits of my phone number to confirm.   American Express was the most efficient in this process.  All in all, this was a simple process, the most time was spent calling 5/3 bank.  I can’t wait to use Apple Pay in an app and in a store!  Stay tuned!