Months ago, Janet Jackson tickets went on sale for a show in Indianapolis to take place on January 29, 2016. I was excited and bought 4 tickets through Ticketmaster online. On Christmas Day, Janet announced that the  Indy show (and many others)  would be postponed due to a health issue. I debated for a bit whether I wanted to wait to see when or if the show would be rescheduled. Since it probably wouldn't be announced for a while, I decided to request a refund. Why should they hold on to my money indefinitely, right? 

I went to the Ticketmaster website and logged on to my account. There was a large button on the Janet Jackson event that said "Request a Refund". Pretty cool! No hunting and searching required. I clicked on the button and proceeded to request a refund. Pretty smooth process. The refund will be issued in 7-10 days. Although this isn't too long of a time frame, I would like to think they are under-promising and over-delivering. Why are charges posted so quickly to an account and refunds take longer? Hmmmm.....something to think about.