Say Cheese

Cheesecake Factory!


What could be better than lunch at Cheesecake Factory on a slow Sunday?  Lunch and paying straight from your smartphone, that’s what! I’ve gotten in the habit of going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch over the past 3 weekends….  The menu is huge and everything I’ve ordered there has been good whether it be edamame or cheesecake. Every time I come in I notice the large “CakePay” sign on the front door. Today I decided to try it out.


You start out easily enough by going to the App Store and downloading it. Since I already set up Apple pay, signing up for CakePay was super-fast.  You sign up and get a 4-digit code which you give to your server.  Easy again.  Next you can view your bill. You can decide to pay per item, which allows you to easily pay for your own leaving the balance for your dining partner.  Easy again.



I will definitely use this again.  The Cheesecake Factory is always busy so anything that gets me out of the door faster is a definite plus for me.  Interesting note from the server: He thinks that many people don’t use this because there are no rewards.  He really likes the TGI Friday’s app because it has a good rewards system in place. He has used it 2 times and already has enough points for a nice steak.


Something to keep in mind when you’re thinking about an app for your business. So convenient and I will definitely use it again!