Technology Induced Guilt

Have you ever noticed that more and more often you are being asked to give a tip to a person working at a counter?  I'm happy to leave a tip to someone who provides me with an actual service, such as a server, hairdresser, etc. rather than someone just ringing up my purchases.  In some cases, given the correct technology, I could ring up my own purchases, such as the self-checkout lanes at the grocery store. This seems to have started at coffee shops and has extended to places of business who use iPads or Square to collect payments.  Instead of just a total, there's now a line for a tip on the screen.   At first, I gave in and left a tip.  After doing this several times I asked myself why I felt compelled to leave a tip for a cashier/counter person just because a line on a screen was asking for one?  Just to not appear cheap to the counter person?  Hmmm...  I decided to overcome this "Technology Induced Guilt" as I call it and will only leave a tip if I want to. I wonder if this "tip line" results in increased income for counter personnel?  According to Brian Roemmele, Alchemist & Metaphysician, "Once fully functional "Restaurant with Tip" software became available for these Payment Card Terminals a restaurant had an "all or nothing" dilemma:  Either have a Restaurant Tip software running on the Payment Card Terminals or just standard retail software with no Tips.  The machines simply could not switch between these two modes of operation."  That explains things!

Dave Park, CEO or Recombinant, Inc has this view, "A non-perfect solution perhaps, but whenever unexpectedly confronted with a tipline receipt, I scan the counter for a tip jar. 
If I see a tip jar or cup, I write 'cash' on the tipline and put a buck or two in the tip jar.

If I don't see a tip jar or cup, I point to the tipline and ask the employee 'do you actually get this, or does your boss keep it?

If the employee is the beneficiary, I'll write in a modest tip.

I figure when in doubt, tip anyways. A buck or two is easy karma, and it always makes me feel better."