An Apple Pay a Day...

Saturday morning I went to get coffee at Bee Coffee in downtown Indianapolis.  I happened to notice the sign saying "Apple Pay accepted here".  Woo Hoo!  As you know, I'm excited to put new technology into play whenever I can. I went to the register and was told my total. I hit the home button on my iPhone twice, chose which card I wanted to use, held my phone over the contactless and chip reader (one of Square's products) and voila, my payment was made!  Super easy! This technology is called NFC (Near field communication),  it allows two devices to communicate with each other. This process is faster than magnetic strip, chip cards and cash transactions. 

(Note to newbie users! When your phone asks for approval, hit the home button and as much as you are tempted to put your finger on the fingerprint on your screen, don't do it! It doesn't work that way. How do I know?, let's just say I know and leave it at that. ;) )

Saturday is my day to go to the grocery.  I went to Meijer and filled up my cart. Got in line with all the other pre-Easter shoppers.  Since I was super alert due to my earlier caffeine fix I noticed that Meijer now accepts Apple Pay. Wow! Two in one day for me!  The cashier told me my total. I followed the same protocol as at Bee Coffee and put my phone over the pad. In this instance I did have to sign since my total was over $50.00.

I don't usually think of Meijer as being on the cutting edge of technology so, boy was I surprised. The cashier was super savvy and said a lot of people aren't aware that Meijer accepts Apple Pay. I am here to tell you that they do and it's awesome!

What I like about using Apple Pay is it simplifies matters. There's no pulling my cards out of my wallet, struggling to put them back in, managing my wallet along with the receipt, a purse, and shopping bags.  The check out process is quick and convenient for me as a consumer and quick for the vendor as well.   Quick checkouts = more sales!